This digital magazine is a tool for those wanting to share a specific message, picture, video or preset advertisment to our ten Central California counties.  
As you have seen in many of the videos posted on this site I have chosen not to make-up, dress up or script. Why? I am an example to you it is more important to create a visual aid to help express yourself. 

The first interviews I did in 2017 could not be posted immediately due to the unforeseeable taking of my YSMI domain. Instead, I posted Free videos I completed for Angel's of Grace, Big Brothers & Big Sisters and Povorello,​ on my facebook. Believe me, a video is not enough, these organizations, also helped themselves by networking, writing articles, giving speeches and had some following but needed continuous financial aid.

Yo Soy! provided a small widget in a big wheel,  a free video nothing fancy or perfect no promises I'm new at this. We provided a camera the interviewee answered questions or as Poverello did give a tour.  Point being someone saw the video. 

The nonprofits message was relevant to their future sponsor who had dollars to help move forward their cause and company goal. Now, these nonprofits have mainstream Ads. They are bringing the cash flow needs to sustain themselves plus achieve their goals. 

You too can accomplish the same feat.  If you have an I-phone's, they have loaded a minimal I Movie templates program which allows you to create a small video. Yo Soy!'s reasonable fees with digital access creates a space for long term exposure and links to your information and showing of your video. You can also use our services to create your own scripted film or social media 30 sec., 60 & upto three commercials. 

The YS! placement allows an opportunity for others to see your video or other telling information about your cause and goals. These days the business community at every level of business Public to the little guy pushing his fruit stand have a vareity of needs IE Advertisment, Share or Show their mission, service results or perhaps give a tutoral or promote a good cause or message. Use our site to help yourself get some exposure. 

Or just ask what else can be done to help. Contact, Edna - 559-226-1521 or [email protected] Best Wishes, and joy to your success in promoting your goal and acheiving your dream. 
Yo Soy! is a Central California Focused digital magazine a division of Media Inc. a collaborative magazine creating a vehicle for the ten-county wide communities of Central California to share their cultural and authentic stories in a variety of languages. We are a low cost to no-cost digital magazine geared to the creation of  business advertising or provide space existing promotional materials. Our volunteers and hired employees work toward making your voice heard via local documentaries and other story telling items. Stories are factual and informational to allow the world to know and understand the hearts of the people who call Central California their home!​​
Meet Our Media Working Board and Advisors
  1. Edna Collins
    Edna Collins
    Edna Collins family has lived in Central California since 1870 or before. Upon return to my home town I recognized a need for people to get their message to market. Thus this commercial digital magazine to provide film, editing , other studio related services in addition to providing Ad space for pre-created materials. We bring people together to support our local community through personalized storytelling. We have resources, contacts, crew calls, editors, any size production team, script writers, ask and we will find a person to fit the need. BA Communications, emphasis in Public Relations with class work toward a minor in Public Administration, a 2005 Graduate of CSU Fullerton rated top five communication school's in the USA. our major supporter is Disneyland.
  2. Melissa Bernal
    Melissa Bernal
    Chief Financial Officer
    Mother, Wife great person who works a job, runs a house and cares for her high school daugher & disabled husband. And now she is keep tack of Yo Soy! Media Inc. work and funds too! Super woman Melissa Bernal. Thank you.

​Yo Soy! Media Inc.’s vision is to share media tools, skills in filming, digital advertising and other forms of marketing creation or just support. We offer shadowing through volunteer work on content from "free" historical pre-invited private or studio or your choice venue interviews for a fee. As a result, we produce Yo Soy! and Yo Soy! Media Inc. digital Magazines.

General Services

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