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The Astounding Carizzo Plain Super Bloom
By Renee Benoit

I’m a Realtor®. Maybe being one makes me love land and everything connected with it. Maybe I’m a Realtor® because I love land. Who knows? Chicken or the egg? Knowing this it won’t come as a surprise to you that I love heading out on the open road to find beautiful and interesting places. In this blog I will share things I have seen and done in and around this Valley that might be of interest to you. It’s not just a travelogue though. I’m also going to share insights into Valley real estate market and then when I want to take a break from that I will share things you can do to make your Valley home more beautiful.
The Astounding Carizzo Plain Super Bloom
Maybe a lot of you are feeling this way: It’s time for the rain to stop so we can stop complaining about it and start complaining about how hot it is. If you’re not quite ready to do that I have something for you that’s not far away. The spectacular Super Bloom at the Carizzo Plain National Monument. There are other places in California to see wildflowers that are exploding in intensity because of “all this rain” but none of them are as close as the Carizzo Plain. For example, you can go to Griffith Park near Los Angeles. You can go to Death Valley, too. Carizzo Plain is only a three-hour drive across the Valley through Lemoore towards Paso Robles. Half way to Paso just past Cholame you hang a Louie and head south. If you start at 9 in the morning you will be there by lunch time which will leave you plenty of time to tour around the Monument and be amazed. Bring. Your. Camera.
The Carrizo Plain is a large enclosed grassland plain, approximately 50 miles long and up to 15 miles across. It contains the 246,812-acre Carrizo Plain National Monument, and it is the largest single native grassland remaining in California. It includes Painted Rock in which it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2012 it was further designated a National Historic Landmark due to its archeological value. The San Andreas Fault cuts along the length of the plain.

(Caption: There she be. Big Bad San Andreas Fault. Right lower corner going diagonally up and slightly to the left.) State Route 166 passes the south entrance to the Carrizo Plain, and State Route 58 crosses through the northern portion. Connecting them is the narrow Soda Lake Road, the only road that goes through the plain. It can become impassable during or soon after a rain since the middle portion of it is gravel.


(Caption: It almost hurts your eyes the color is so intense.)

(Caption: The hills are alive with the sound of COLOR.)

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